michayannick a young man with guitar finds himself stranded on the shores of his phantasy island.

On this island called “The Beacon” he finds songs some dreamy some powerful and others mysterious and poetic.


Now michayannick brings these songs to life through a unique live-Show with artwork he created himself.

The authentic emotional songs and honest lyrics will take you deep into the songwriters world.


Apart from singing, playing guitar and piano michayannick has other talents too. He shows this through his lyrics and live artworks but also as a storyteller in his very first music video: “Brighton Winds”.

His inspiration is drawn from life itself but also from books such as The Lord Of The Rings, The Dark Tower and japanese Art.

The debut EP “The Beacon” containing five self produced songs is available in various online stores. The record release party will take place May 14th at ONO (BE)

Where this journey is headed after the island is yet to be discovered. Good things are to follow.

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